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The Association of Lincoln Presenters (ALP) is an organization of men and women dedicated to bringing Abraham and Mary Lincoln to life. Through presentations that educate, entertain, and inspire, members honor the words and works of the Lincolns. The ALP mission is to preserve the legacy of Abraham and Mary Lincoln, to honor their words and works, and walk in their footsteps.

There are over 1500 Abraham Lincoln sites on the Internet. Only this site, however, can bring 150 living “Lincolns” directly to you! As seen on C-SPAN in the Lincoln Douglas debates reenactment, schools, plays, historical societies, movies, parades and celebrations throughout the world for more than a decade….

We are ready, willing and Abe L.

If you are visiting this site looking for someone to appear at your meeting, performance, celebration or event as President Lincoln, Mary Lincoln, or both, or even one of the other historic figures we count among our members, you have come to the right place. Look around and you are likely to find exactly what you need, perhaps closer than you might expect.

If you portray President or Mrs. Lincoln or any other historic figure, look around and see what we have to offer. You can look at our history, including our past conferences. We gather each year for an annual conference in April to visit and to learn about the Lincolns and to polish our craft.  Our newsletters are titled Lincarnations and Mary’s Velvet Rose.  Our web page allows us to share our knowledge and our experiences. Join us!

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Registration for the 2021 Conference is now open.  We realize there are current COVID issues, but registering will allow us to gauge interest if it is safe to meet in April.  We will make a decision at the end of February whether or not to continue.  Your registration check will be held and not deposited until a final decision is made at that time.

Abraham Lincoln in front of Leavenworth City Hall

2021 ALP Conference Leavenworth, KS

The Association of Lincoln Presenters will be heading west in 2021 as the annual ALP Conference will take place in Leavenworth, Kansas!

Abraham Lincoln made only one brief week-long trip into Kansas.  On that trip he crossed the Missouri River at St. Joseph, and arrived in Elwood, Kansas on November 30, 1859.   On this trip he was testing the political climate for the 1860 presidential election.  Lincoln gave a speech that evening at the Great Western Hotel; in his speech he condemned slavery as an evil institution, and blamed “popular sovereignty” for the violence in Kansas.  Lincoln made stops and speeches at Troy, Atchison, and arrived in Leavenworth on December 3.  His final speech in Kansas was at the Leavenworth’s Planters House Hotel, on December 5th, after which he left the territory.

On March 17, 1860, when asked what advice he would have for someone who decided to “go west,” Lincoln said, “If I went West, I would go to Kansas – to Leavenworth or Atchison.”  In the spirit of Lincoln, we have chosen to meet in Leavenworth and learn more of Lincoln’s first and only trip to Kansas.