2020 ALP Annual Conference Postponed

The Association of Lincoln Presenters

The Association of Lincoln Presenters
2020 Conference Postponement Information
March 24, 2020


Good afternoon, ALP Members and friends!

This afternoon I am relaying the ALP Board action to postpone the conference scheduled for April 16-19, 2020.  Given the National Health Crisis, and the various orders related to it, we have chosen to encourage our members to not expose themselves to further health risks.  By unanimous Board action, we have delayed the Springfield Conference to 2022.  Randy Duncan and Joy have agreed to again host the conference, and will work to again establish an interesting and educational program.  We hope that all fifty plus members and friends will be able to join us for that conference.

In the meantime, we continue to plan our 2021 ALP Conference for Lawrence, Lecompton and Leavenworth, Kansas.  Murray Cox, ALP Treasurer, has been planning the program and making the necessary arrangements.  We encourage you to join us for this event, where we will learn much about Lincoln’s efforts with the Lecompton Constitution for Kansas.  At this conference we will conduct two-years business.

A major point of business at our conferences is our Annual Meeting.  In addition to receiving reports, we elect Board Members and Officers.  Our By-laws provide that Board Members assume office immediately following the meeting where they are elected.  With this provision, we plan that the existing Board will continue to serve until the 2021 Conference.

We thank all of you who planned to join us in Springfield this year.  The ALP Treasurer will refund your conference  registration payment.  Randy Duncan has notified the hotel of this cancellation.   Since not everyone registered through the block of reservations, please follow through to make sure your room reservation has been cancelled.  I wish you well on getting refunds for your private transportation arrangements.

I look forward to greeting you next year in Kansas at our 2021 Conference!


Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum - Springfield, Illinois
Illinois Old State Capitol
Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum

The Association of Lincoln Presenters do not own the images contained on this page.  We would like to give credit and thanks to Geraldine Soh for the beautiful pictures of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum as well as the Old State Capitol.