2022 ALP Annual Conference

The Association of Lincoln Presenters

The Association of Lincoln Presenters
2022 Conference Information
April 21-24, 2022. 
Leavenworth, Kansas

2022 Virtual Conference Information

Dear ALP members,

Thank you for attending the 2022 ALP Conference.  The conference is now complete as is the virtual conference.  Please check back soon for 2023 ALP Conference Information.

We look forward to seeing you in 2023!

ALP Conference General Information

Come to Kansas in April, and be prepared to learn not only of Abraham Lincoln’s 1859 visit there, but also events leading up to that visit, and the U.S. Civil War.

We will be staying at the Home 2 Suites, 250 Delaware, in LeavenworthOur Room rate is $119 (plus tax). It offers a free breakfast, free Wi-Fi, free parking, a nice fitness center and a pool.  Each room contains a King or two Queen beds, as well as a queen-size sofa-bed and work table, a refrigerator/freezer, microwave, dishwasher, cookware, coffeemaker and toaster.  See the last page of this notice for contact information.  The rate is good from April 21 until the 24th.

Our board will meet at 2:00 PM Thursday in the hotel’s meeting room.  At any time before and after that meeting you may leave your silent auction items in the same room.

You can check in at the hotel starting Wednesday, if you like. Thursday supper will be on your own, and at 7:00 we will meet at the Riverfront Community Center, a beautiful former train depot, for a social gathering, to be welcomed by the town of Leavenworth, and to hear a presentation from John Brown.

Friday morning, at 8:30, we will board a bus that will take us to the University of St. Mary to view their Lincoln collection, including an original signed 13th Amendment.  We then move on to Fort Leavenworth, where we will hear from speakers at the Fort, and enjoy a full buffet for lunch. The buffet has a large selection of salads, entrees and desserts of all types allowing for vegetarian and gluten free options   We then split into two groups: One that will go to the Frontier Army Museum, which houses a replica Gatling Gun, a carriage Lincoln rode on during his trip in Kansas, as well as various forms of transportation during that era.  The other group will get a tour of the grounds.  Fort Leavenworth is a 107 acre facility that is the second oldest active United States Army post west of Washington, D.C, and the oldest permanent settlement in Kansas.

(Please note that the trip to the Fort has been arranged by the Public Affairs Office, using the Fort’s buses, which will simplify admission to the base).

This is a “package deal,” so there is no easy way to split out a part of this package into pieces.  However, if you wished only to see the artifacts at St. Mary you could meet us there, then depart from our group when we board our transportation to go to the Fort Leavenworth.  Likewise, if you did not want to take part in the viewing of items at St. Mary, you could meet us there, and then ride with us to the Fort.  (However, you would then need to find a way to get back to your vehicle after the bus drops us off at the hotel in the afternoon.)

Cost of the St. Mary and Fort, including lunch, will be $25, $5 of which is our contribution toward security at St. Mary for them to display the 13th amendment, and $20 for the meal and presentations at the Fort.

After leaving the Fort we take the short trip back to the hotel.  The Ladies will there have their Tea, hearing from a local speaker on Women’s Suffrage.  The men will gather to hear a recreation of Lincoln’s “Lost Speech”.

It is then time for rest and relaxation.

At 6:30 we meet at the Riverfront Community Center for supper of Stuffed Chicken Breast, with a vegetarian/gluten-free option, and to hear from Carol Ayres, author of “Lincoln in Kansas”, who will tell the story of Lincoln’s trip. We will also hear from our pre-presidential Lincoln, who will present a portion of a speech he gave in Kansas. Carol Ayres will also have copies of her book offered for sale.  Cost for this evening will be $30.

Saturday morning, at 8:30, we will board a bus or buses to go to Lecompton, Kansas.  This again is a “package deal,” to see and hear a play by the Lecompton Reenactors, telling of the turmoil in the Kansas Territory leading up to the adoption of the Free-State Constitution.  The Territorial Capital Museum, where we will enjoy this presentation, was intended to be the Kanas State Capital building under the Lecompton Constitution.  The site is quite proud of the fact that President Eisenhower’s parents were married in that building, when it served as Lane University, and some of their displays deal with the Eisenhower family.

We will then proceed to a local church for a nice fried chicken and mashed potatoes lunch, followed by a presentation of a local Lincoln presenter.  (I will make sure to provide for those that have dietary restrictions). Next we go to Constitution Hall, where the pro-slavery Lecompton Constitution was drafted.  We will also hear about the problems in the Kansas Territory of the Bogus Legislature.  On the way back Kevin Wood will narrate as we take a brief trip through Historic Lawrence.  Costs of all of this is $40.

It is then back to the hotel for some R & R, and a chance to stroll the area, weather permitting.  Don’t forget to make your final bids on the silent auction items.  Items will be picked up and paid for after our Business Meeting.

At 6:30 we will again meet at the Riverfront Center for supper and our annual business meeting.  There will be a buffet with a carved beef and roast turkey, with a vegetarian/gluten-free option.  Cost will be $25.

Sunday Morning we will head to a nearby church for services, then depart until we next meet.


If you will be flying, Mid-Continent International Airport in Kansas City, on the Missouri side of the river, is relatively close.

Amtrak has a depot in Kansas City, again on the Missouri side of the river.

If you are driving, there are several historical venues you may find worthy of your visit on your way to Leavenworth, or as you return home.

For those coming from the west, there is the Eisenhower Center in Abilene, Kansas, just off of I-70, which contains the boyhood home, Presidential Library and Museum, and burial site of our 34th President.

Those coming from the east may like to stop in nearby Independence, Missouri, again, just off of I-70, at the Truman Presidential Library and home.

If you will travel along I-40, as you work your way up to Leavenworth, you may like to stop at Ft. Scott, in southeastern Kansas.  It is a restored fort established in the early 1800’s to try to keep peace between the native inhabitants and white settlers.

In Kansas City, Missouri, there is the Arabia Museum, which has a fascinating display of items that were on the steamship Arabia, which sunk in the Missouri River in 1856. Across the street from the Arabia is a WWI museum.

However you choose to travel I hope to see you there.

To Register for our conference:

Currently, there are two methods you can use to register for the 2022 conference.  You may do one of the following:

1. Complete the online registration by completing the form on this link:  https://forms.gle/X9i4o7YLDv9hxctH7

2. OR, you may complete the form on this page and mail along with payment to the address listed on the form

For Hotel Reservations:

Please see the following page for hotel information including special rate codes and information on booking your hotel room.

Any time you have questions, you may inquire with Murray Cox at indianalincoln@hotmail.com, his home at 260-563-7126 (voice only), or, the week of the conference, at his cell, 260-571-2870, voice or text.

Leavenworth, KS
Abraham Lincoln Statue - Leavenworth, KS
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Abraham Lincoln Carriage

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