Award Nomination and Guidelines

The Association of Lincoln Presenters

Nominations for the ALP Excellence Award are due by November 1, 2019.

Nominations should be submitted using the form below and will be received by the current Awards Committee — Laura Keyes, Chairperson; Kevin Wood, Jim Sayre, Sue and Tom Wright, Members.

The award will be presented at the April conference.

Criteria, as approved by the organization membership at the April 2013 conference, can be found below the form.




The Association of Lincoln Presenters Excellence Award

Nomination Categories:

  1. Performance – For excellence in a single performance or multiple performances of any character in any production related to Abraham Lincoln and performed in the stated year.
  2. Writing – For any script, screenplay, or composition of multi-media production related to Abraham Lincoln.
  3. Film or Video – Of which the member had intellectual/artistic control and was released in the stated year.
  4. Scholarship – Non-fiction book, article, etc.
  5. Distinguished Service – Qualifications to include three or more of the following:
    a.)  Elected office in the Association of Lincoln of Presenters.
    b.)  Service on the Board of Directors.
    c.)  Service on an ALP committee.
    d.)  Host of an annual conference (or providing significant help thereto).
    e.)  Several years’ experience in presenting historical characters.
    f.)  A history of Lincoln scholarship.
    g.)  An experience of video or multi-media production of Lincoln-related works.
    h.)  Service to Lincarnations.
    i.)  Organizing pre- or post-conference activities.
    j.)  Other outstanding incident(s) of service to the organization and/or its cause.


If to a person, he or she must have been a member while the performance was given, when the film/video was released, or script/book/article, etc., was published.  If to a production (e.g., play, film, book), the work must be composed/written/acted in by a member(s) of the ALP.  Receipt of the Excellence Award would bar the recipient from eligibility for three subsequent years.


Preferred frequency would be one single award per year, but the committee would have the authorization to NOT issue an award if no one/no work was found to merit an award during that year.

Method of Choosing:

The president appoints a committee of three or five members.  A given committee serves for one year.  Service on the committee in a prior year would be no bar to an award committee appointment.  Anyone (ALP member or non-ALP member) could nominate a member for consideration to any awards committee member.